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 Key Registry Features

Flag of Convenience No
IMO Conventions Adopted All the principal IMO Conventions have been adopted
Age Limit 15 Years
Size Restrictions None
Ownership Requirements The majority interest in the vessel must be owned by a British citizen or subject who is established in the UK or by a company incorporated in the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or any British colony, the Republic of Ireland or in any European Economic Area country (including EU countries) having its principal place of business in any such territory or certain prescribed limited partnerships.
Registration Documents
Documents Required



  • Application for Registry which includes name approval
  • Evidence of ownership
  • Declaration of ownership
  • A tonnage measurement certificate
  • Details of the Manager or operational office in the Isle of Man
  • Deletion certificate or evidence that the previous registry will be closed
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if a corporate body)

* Prior to registration, the ship must also be inspected by a surveyor from the Isle of Man Marine Administration.

Registration Fees
Registration There is an initial registration fee of £525
Annual There is no annual registration fee based on tonnage or otherwise.
Parallel Registration
  Parallel registration in or out of the Registry is permitted
Approved Classification Societies
Crew Nationality
  Certificates of competency or service issued by the UK or other Commonwealth countries are acceptable for the purposes of certification or regulation. Other certificates are considered on an ad-hoc basis.

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Jurisdiction Information

» Introduction

The Isle of Man, situated in the centre of the British Isles, is a self-governing dependent territory of the Crown which is not part of the United Kingdom. Tynwald, the Island's 1,000 year old Parliament, makes its own laws and oversees all internal administration, fiscal and social policies. External issues, such as foreign representation and defence, are administered on the Island's behalf by the UK Government and the Island makes an annual payment for these services.

As a British Crown dependency, the ultimate responsibility for the Island's good government is vested in the Crown but by long standing convention, the UK Government does not legislate for the Island except with the specific consent of the Island's Government. More information can be found at

» Population

The population of the Isle of Man is approximately 75,000.

» Political Structure

Tynwald (Parliament), legislates on all domestic matters including taxation. Tynwald consists of two houses; the Legislative Council, which consists of eight Members, elected by the lower house, The House of Keys, and the Bishop and Attorney General, neither of whom has voting rights. The House of Keys has twenty-four Members who are elected and serve a five-year term. HM Queen Elizabeth II holds the title Lord of Man, and is ultimately responsible for the government of the Island, and all legislation passed by Tynwald has to have Royal Assent before being enacted.

» Infrastructure and Economy

There are regular daily air and ferry services to the UK and Ireland.

The Isle of Man, confronted with a decline in its two principal sources of income, agriculture and tourism, now places greater reliance upon industrial investment and its financial centre activities.

» Language

The official and spoken language is English.

» Currency

The Manx Pound, which is on par with the UK Pound and freely exchangeable.

» Exchange Control


» Type of Law

Common Law based on English Common Law.

» Principal Corporate Legislation

The Companies Acts 1931 to 1993.
Limited Liability Companies Act 1996.

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Information Downloads

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