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 Key Registry Features

Flag of Convenience Yes
IMO Conventions Adopted All the principal IMO Conventions have been adopted
Age Limit 12 Years
Size Restrictions Min 1,600 GT
Ownership Requirements There is no requirement for local ownership provided that the ship is engaged in foreign trade.
Registration Documents
Documents Required



  • Bill of Sale / Builders Certificate
  • Declaration of Ownership
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for a corporate body)
  • A Deletion Certificate (if applicable)
  • Evidence that no charges are recorded against the ship or applicant
  • Declaration of Ownership
  • A Carving and Marking Note
  • Certificate of survey and an international tonnage certificate
  • A crew list and copies of the officer’s certificates of competence
  • Application for Ship Radio Station Licence
  • SOLAS and Load Line Certificates
Registration Fees

Ships of 2,000 NT or less: US$ 2,000
2,001 - 5,000 NT at US$ 1 per ton
5,001 - 25,000 NT at US$ 0.90 per ton
25,001+ NT at US$ 22,500


Ships of 2,000 NT or less: US$ 1,900
2,001 - 5,000 NT: US$ 1,750 plus 0.16 per ton
5,001 - 25,000 NT: US$ 1,750 plus 0.135 per ton
25,001+ NRT: US$ 1,750 plus 0.135 per ton

Parallel Registration
  Parallel registration in or out of the Registry is permitted
Approved Classification Societies
Crew Nationality
  Foreign officers and crew may serve on Bahamian vessels provided they have
certificates which are acceptable to The Bahamas Maritime Authority.

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Jurisdiction Information

» Introduction

The Bahamas extends in a 1,225 km arc from 78 km east of Palm Beach, Florida, to just north of Haiti. The Bahamas consists
of an archipelago of nearly 700 islands and 2,000 cays.

» Population

The population of the Bahamas is approximately 340,000.

» Political Structure

In July 1973, the Bahamas become an independent country within the British Commonwealth. A Governor General appointed
by the British Government is responsible for defence, external affairs and internal security.
The executive head of the Government is an elected Prime Minister who consults with a Cabinet of sixteen, twelve Cabinet
Ministers and four Ministers of State chosen from the Legislature. There are four political parties, the dominant Progressive
Liberal Party, Free National Movement Party, and Labour Party. The bicameral legislature has a 40 member House of
Assembly and a 16 member Senate.

» Infrastructure and Economy

The Bahamas has excellent communications. There are direct flights from Europe as well as many US cities. Miami is only 30
minutes away by jet aircraft and New York is less than three hours away.

» Language

The official and spoken language is English.

» Currency

Bahamas Dollar is on a par with the US Dollar.

» Exchange Control

Residents are subject to Exchange Control, but International Business Companies are exempted.

» Type of Law

Statute Law and Common Law based on English Common Law.

» Principal Corporate Legislation

International Business Companies Act 2000, as amended.

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Information Downloads

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